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Solution Architecture

Smart Hospital covers the entire financial needs in any hospital, as it provides the traditional financial modules such as: General Ledger, Payroll and Cost accounting. The additional and the unique modules in Smart Hospital Solution will track the patient -from the financial aspect- from the minute he enters the hospital until he leaves.

When any medical transaction -that is related to the financial department- is performed for a certain patient, the financial modules in Smart Hospital Solution will automatically add the required amounts to the Patient’s account and generates the patient bill. For example; when a test lab is performed, the test’s costs are added automatically to the patient account. The same for the stock control, when an item is used during a surgery; it will be added automatically to the patient bill as a cost of performing the operation. In the same time, when an item is selected to be used in the operation it will be automatically deducted from the available stock; so stock supervisors will need to press on few buttons only to get the actual status of any item at any time.

The financial modules in Smart Hospital provides advanced financial reports useful to be used to support decisions and strategic actions, with a button click a complete statistical report will be generated about the costs of implementing the cardiac center in the hospital for example, analysis of the resulted statistics could be achieved easily depending on the clear representation of data and elements.

To handle the financial issues related to items in the pharmacy or the operation rooms, the barcode recognition was enabled in Smart Hospital. Each item should have an ID; when any item is selected to be used or sold it should first scanned with the barcode scanner. The entire process will take less than a minute and it will safe a lot of time spent in entering items information and details manually. This process is related to the financial department because it reflects on both the stock control and the patient bill.

The Financial Modules in the Smart Hospital Solution

  • General ledger
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing
  • Personal and payroll
  • Assets management
  • Cost accounting
  • Customers’ accounts
  • Account payable and account receivables
  • Repots Generator
  • Patient bill
  • Ordering system

From our experience in working with hospitals and doctors in the region, we’ve noticed that the three levels of management were not covered completely in any Hospitals Management Information System; Smart Hospital provides complete coverage for the three level of management: Upper Management, Middle Management and Supervisory Management through the Administration modules integrated in the solution.

Like in the financial modules, generated reports and statistics are available for managers and supervisors to support the decision making regarding the administrative issues. Managers can determine the level of occupancy for a specific period, room type or for a certain department. Also, Smart Hospital is designed to provide complete interaction with employees and hospital members, the solution was designed to support managers and supervisors to get the best performance from the employees and the medical staff. Using this solution, supervisors will be able to schedule shifts, generate doctors and operations schedules, report and distribute employees’ tasks, provide alerts for uncompleted tasks and distribute documents, regulations and requests.

Smart Hospital provides managers and supervisors with the ability to monitor the daily work remotely from anywhere using the Pocket/Tablet/Laptop devices through the internet. This operation is highly secured and provides reports and notifications about the main administrative issues in the hospital.

The Administrative Modules in the Smart Hospital Solution

  • Documents Management
  • Tasks Management
  • Upper management reports
  • Middle management reports
  • Supervisor management reports

The medical side is covered professionally in Smart Hospital, our continuous interactions with doctors and medical specialists and with the number of challenges we’ve faced during the implementation of the complete Hospital Information System we were able to build a strong modules designed especially for medical purposes.

The Medical Modules in the Smart Hospital Solution

  • Reservation
  • Operating room
  • ICU
  • IVF
  • Blood Bank
  • Out patient
  • Nurse stations
  • NICU
  • Lab
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Records
  • Emergency
  • ADT
  • Medical Reports

the traditional patient medical record consists of:

  • Medications
  • Disposables
  • Operations
  • Doctor notes and orders
  • X-rays, ultra sound, CT scan, …... etc
  • Lab results
  • Services

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- Enable doctors and professors to enter data in the point of care (POC) by using pocket/tablet devices.

- Use of Tablet PC to help doctors to enter data using handwriting.

- Connectivity with the Medical Equipments to receive X-Ray and lab results instantly.

- Simple to use medical sheets to allow doctors to enter diagnosis information much faster .

- The complete Electronic Medical Record is implemented successfully as all information and data are entered electronically and real time.

- Patient information are always available because they are electronically saved in a reliable storage.

- Medical sheets could be customized according to the doctor request.

- According to the recognized International Standards like: NHDD, HL7 and ICD10.

- Reliable schedule generator for doctors’ shifts, patients’ visits, nurses’ shifts, operations’ schedules … etc

- Monitors the performance of employees and medical staff through Task Management modules.

- Tasks Management Features: Tasks distribution – Alerts about new tasks – Alerts about uncompleted tasks – Notifications for completed tasks –
Tasks History - Forms and Templates for regulations, warnings and requests.

- Medical Archiving System Features: convert old medical data to be used with Digital Hospital Solution – archive all files (text, video and sound)
in the working folder – high security to protect the archived data – receive data directly from the connected medical equipment and archive them
– automatic back up tasks.

- Complete control on the financial tasks inside the hospital.

- Items are added automatically to the patient’s bill to be generated in no time when requested.

- Powerful stock control that monitors the usability of each item.

- Greate use of barcode options to select the required data automatically by scnanning the item only.

- Complete Financial reports.

- Access to the data remotly from any place -outside the hospital or outside the country- thorough the internet.

- Powerful reports generator for upper-middle and supervisory management.

- Statistics and Reports about hospital performance, departments performance and employees performance.