Profitability Increase

Management And Digital Transformation

Cost Reduction


The Main Group Strength Points:

- Over three decades, the group consolidated its feet and achieve sustainable operations development inside Egypt as well as expanding operations abroad.

- The group owns two headquarters (administrative/ operational) in a distinguished location in Cairo fully equipped with technological equipment. It also owns a cloud server in an international platform in Hamburg (Germany).

- The group has extensive experiences in the Middle East, through which it was able to build and manage organizational knowledge bases that enabled the sustainability of learning, organizational creativity, and building intellectual capital. We achieved market leadership in the field of management consulting, designing and building an ERP system, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence.

- The group has worked over the past decades as an innovation incubator to attract, develop and train human resources with talent and creative capabilities. It was keen to unite its employees with the highest scientific degrees (Ph.D.) and applied experience - at the local and international levels. We provide a climate that stimulates creativity and innovation in the business solutions field.

- The variety of products we offer ensures the provision of integrated solutions and the extension of our services to various market sectors (hospitals, service companies, factories, government facilities, or charitable institutions).

- We succeeded in integrating with many database management systems (SAP / Oracle). We are also considered one of the first companies that achieved integration with "Nphis system" in Saudi Arabia and provided an electronic billing program in the Kingdom.

- The group is one of the few companies in the field that can introduce Artificial Intelligence AI into enterprise operations - as it has created and manufactured Robot Software (named Newton). Newton is used in smart hospital programs, smart factories, and smart companies.

- The group is one of the few companies in the field that owns a set of mobile applications that can integrate with big data systems and cover the needs of managers, employees, customers, and suppliers.

- The group can connect and integrate factory or hospital equipment and machines with its software.